Jameson RS2

Jameson RS2 is a great success story. From the moment he appeared at the KWPN Stallion Show, he made a huge impression on the public. He has already won everything; Performance Test, Pavo Cup, and twice the Stallion Competition. At the World Championships, he impressed the judges with his strength, power, charisma and mega canter.
His first foals were born in 2020 and seem to have inherited their sire’s strength. Many foals were sold privately for breeding and dressage sport, which indicates a high degree of confidence in Jameson RS2's inheritability.  We expect a great future for him in sport and breeding!

Winner Final Stallion Competition 5-year-old dressage stallions Den Bosch with 94 points

2019 What a year for Jameson RS2 and Marieke van der Putten!

  • Winner Stallion competition 5-year-old dressage stallions Zuidbroek with 93 points
  • Winner Stallion Competition 5-year-old dressage stallions Ermelo with 94 points
  • 2nd pl. Stallion competition 5-year-old dressage stallions De Peelbergen with 93 points
  • 3rd pl. Pavo Cup for 5-year-old dressage horses
  • World Cup 5-year-old dressage horses Finale
  • World Cup 8th place with a score of 88.4%
  • World Cup 5-year-old dressage horses ex aequo
  • 7th place qualification round with a score of 89.0%
  • Winner Final Stallion Competition 4-year-old dressage stallions Den Bosch with 91 points

Winner 5 yo dressage stallion competition—94 points, Den Bosch

2019 & 2018
Jameson RS2 and Marieke van de Putten won all of these dressage stallion competitions with phenomenal scores:

Winner 5 yo dressage stallions, Zuidbroek—93 points
Winner 5 yo dressage stallions, Ermelo—94 points
2nd Place 5 yo dressage stallions, De Peelbergen—93 points
3rd Place 5 yo dressage horses, Pavo Cup
8th Place World Cup—88.4%
Winner 4 yo dressage stallions, Den Bosch—91 points

As three-year-old, Jameson RS2 won the Championship at the Den Bosch Stallion Inspection and selected for the KWPN performance test, after which he wrote his name on the Pavo Cup with Marieke van der Putten.

His father is Blue Hors Zack (v. Rousseau) who also was the Champion at Stallion Inspection and sold through KWPN Select Sale to Denmark. Jameson RS2 mother Atilinda M is a Keur Preferent IBOP- sport--daughter of the Preferent top breeder Negro.

Atilinda M is Inter I class in sport after she had 81.5 points for the IBOP. She produced the National Mare Inspection Champion of 2017 Jatilinda (x All at Once), who placed 13th at the 2019 Pavo Cup., as well as three more elite daughters and five that succeeded in the IBOP.

Her mother Tilinda M was sired by the great Grand Prix stallion Krack C, and she produced a Z-level dressage horse out of Special D. Her mother Nilinda M, a daughter a Preferent Contango, is the mother of the Small Tour Horse Saintropez M (v. Mooiman), a ZZ heavy horse out of Vivaldi and Armani, and a Z- horse from Florencio.

Official KWPN Research report 2018;
Jameson RS2 is an honest, sensible stallion with a work ethic and positive work attitude. His walk is pure and could stride more. Movement in trot has a lot of action and covers ground, with a lot of self-carriage. The canter is imposing-- very powerful, uphill, with self-carriage and very good ground covering strides. Jameson RS2 moves with a lot of flexibility, attitude and balance, with a lot of power to change tempo. Jameson RS2 has a lot of talent and gives the rider a positive feel.

KWPN Breeding advice
Jamerson RS2 can add body type, improve the frontend, give more power in movement, and has a lot of leg technique for dressage breeding.

W. Bos
Noorderweg 79
1456 NJ Wijdewormer
1.75 m
Nini-stam, Merrielijn 18, fokfamilie 58
Approved for



Service fee
€ 250,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 1.500,-
Studfee total
€ 1.750,-
Sperm available
Vers / Diepvries
Additional info

Genoom 101
Vosfactor vrij

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 7.5
Draf: 9.0
Galop: 10.0
Souplesse: 9.5
Houding en balans: 9.5
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 9.0

Totaal: 90.0

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