2019 KWPN Official Research Report

Livius is an honest and reliable stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion has a lot of willingness to work and is very easy to work with.

  • Walk--pure, long stride, with good scope and good suppleness.
  • Trot--light-footed and has good scope with a hind leg that carries well.
  • Canter--good impulsion, uphill with good to very good scope and balance.

Livius moves with good to very good posture, a lot of balance and a lot to very much flexibility. He a great deal of talent for dressage and gives his rider a good feeling.

Stable behavior:
Honest reliable stallion, easy going and quiet in the stable.

Breeding / fitting advice:
Livius can add size, shoulder freedom, and rideability to dressage horse breeding.

Livius’ sire is our successful Grand Prix breeding stallion Bordeaux.

The dam side also contributes excellent genetics for dressage.  

  • Dam-- Blueberry-Utopia elite, sport (dres) is classified ZZ Zwaar and after her sport career started breeding; Livius is her first foal
  • Grandmother-- Lady Utopia, champion of North Brabant and double UTV, has the predictions star, preference and achievement titles. She produced Small Tour star mare Angelina-Utopia (s. Tuschinski) and the ZZ Licht horse Rambo-Utopia (s .Rohdiamant).
  • Great-grandmother—Light Tour mare Halla Utopia (s.Aktion) who produced approved stallion Olivi (s. Jazz), ridden Grand Prix by Marc Boblet, as well as Intermediaire I Bolzano Utopia (s. Rubin Royal), and Light Tour Frederico Utopia (s. Wynton).
Dhr. R. van den Heuvel
Hoge Zandschel 36
5171 TH Kaatsheuvel
1.73 m
Nomana-stam, Merrielijn 2, fokfamilie 8
Approved for


Service fee
€ 250,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 950,-
Studfee total
€ 1.200,-
Sperm available
Additional info

Genoom 104

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 8.5
Draf: 8.0
Galop: 8.5
Souplesse: 8.5
Houding en balans: 8.5
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.5

Totaal: 84.5

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