Dante U.S.

This fantastic bred stallion is available for the first time this year. Dante U.S. is a son of the famous Grand Prix stallion Dante Weltino of the dam of Total U.S. What more do we want in a pedigree! This young talent can trot and gallop fantastic. This stallion looks just like Total U.S. have several turbos and we will train him carefully. For breeders who love an adventure and want to use a stallion with mega talent ............ this is your chance!

Message Horses:
Two half-sisters of Total US brought up 2 million. The mother of Total U.S. brought up two million. There were 1,050,000 euros for the four-year-old mare Brisbane (v.Bordeaux) and five-year-old Zantana comes to the Netherlands for 955,000 euros. Both mares are from Sondra (Sir Donnerhall x Don Schufro). Brisbane was purchased by Harmony Sport Horses from Leslie Malone. RS2 Dressage bought another Zonik in Ankum. The previous Zonik purchase, Zum Glück RS2, was very successful. He became Bundes Champion this year with Robin van Lierop. This year's Zonik, Zantana is also the mother of the top champion at the Mecklenburger inspection this year, Fürst Zonik.

Gestüt Lewitz
Lewitzhof 1
DE-19306 Neustadt-Glewe
1.70 m
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Service fee
€ 250,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 550,-
Studfee total
€ 800,-
Sperm available
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Genoom 102
Vosfactor vrij

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