Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for mare insemination

  • Breeding your mare is managed under the general terms and conditions of the Dutch ‘Bond van Hengstenhouderds’ in the Netherlands including deposit changes and additions.
  • On first insemination or upon delivery of your mare at our station, please provide the correct details of the owner and the mare, and please bring the mare’s passport. The mare’s passport must stay at our station as long as the mare is stabled at van Uytert stallion station.
  • Hengstenstatiion van Uytert has no liability whatsoever for damage, illness, EVA/CEM contamination, or injury to people, animals, and means of transportation.
  • Breeding season ends on 01 September 2023.
  • For mares who are not in foal, a written not in foal-agreement issued by the veterinarian should be handed to Hengstenstation van Uytert before October 1st 2023, or the full fee will automatically be charged.
  • By ordering and receiving semen, the mare holder has read and understood our breeding and payment conditions and agrees to these terms and conditions.

Services provided 

  • Approved SWS and insemination station.
  • All SWS Stallions available through our station.
  • Advice on the choice of partner for your mare.
  • Help with purchase of foal/horse directly from our breeders.  
  • On Sundays semen or mares can be collected/brought until 12:00. After 12:00 are we closed.

Veterinarian costs

  • The breedingmanagement of the mares is in hands of our veterinarian Henk Schutte for 30 years. Seven days a week you can bring your mare for check up at our station between 8.30 and 10.00. The veterinary costs for palpation and scanning are € 150, - (excl. VAT and medicines and other actions). Mares for frozen semen are examined more often and the costs are € 225.- (excl. Vat and medicines and other actions). Additional veterinary costs and operations are at the expense and risk of the owner.

Breeding fees

  • Studfee is exclusive VAT and Studbookcosts.
  • For a mare not in foal the breeding fees are € 300.- (excl. VAT) for stallions at our station, plus any additional shipping costs. The stallions that we represent for the Netherlands, such as the stallions of P. Schockemöhle, are not among them. This will be subject to a 50% reduction in 2024.


  • Spermabestellingen kunt u tot 10.00 uur telefonisch of via het emailadres bestellingen@uytert.nl doorgeven.·        
  • Semen of our stallions can be ordered on a daily basis until 10.00 hrs. The order should include the name and life number of the mare and the full address of the mare-holder.
  • Semen orders by telephone 0031-487-573203 or email orders@uytert.nl.
  • Shipping costs to other KI-stations will be charged to the mare owner.
  •  If semen is intended for an embryo flush/ICSI, please notify us in your initial order. In the case of embryo transplants, cover money is charged per washed embryo.
  • Data is sent to the studbook after payment received for breeding fees.
  • If stallions are not available this season for special reasons (competition, illness, injury, etc.) you may use frozen semen (if in stock) or use another stallion at our station.
  • The breeding/insemination invoice is issued based on the last stallion used. 
  • Shipping costs to veterinary, home or stable addresses are charged.
  • Shipping and EU costs of foreign stallions are charged per shipment.
  • Shipping costs of frozen semen will be charged.
  • For inseminations with foreign stallions and/or self-delivered straws, an insemination fee will be charged. 

ICSI Regulations at van Uytert Stallion Station 

If a breeder uses the innovative ICSI method, we initially calculate the stud fee for the stallion once. If several foals are born, we calculate the breeding fee per live born foal (2nd and next). Therefore, no cost per washed embryo is calculated, because this method already involves a lot of costs for the breeder. 

Stabling costs

  • Mare without foal € 12,50 per day excl. Vat.

  • Mare with foal € 15,00 per day excl. Vat.

Grazing costs

  • Mare without foal € 7.00 per day excl. Vat

  • Mare with foal € 10.00 per day excl. Vat. 

Mares will be stabled in Heerewaarden at the risk and expense of the owner.

When delivering your mare, please bring the mare’s passport to our administration office. Mares staying at the station must be vaccinated against influenza and rhino.