The Trakehnerhengst Biotop who performed internationally under Dr. Reiner Klimke was recognized by the KWPN in 1999. The recognition means that he fully meets all the requirements of the KWPN: exterior, pedigree, performance, and veterinary requirements (X-ray, laryngoscopic, and semen examination).
Mind you, his performance does not lie:

1993 Westphalian Champion
94/95 Champion of the Volvo World Cup Europe
1996 Bronze at German Championships
1996 Silver with the German Team

In addition, Biotop started with Dr. Reiner Klimke at many international competitions such as `s-Hertogenbosch, Bremen, Münster, Wiesbaden, Aachen, Los Angeles, etc. and achieved many victories here, which earned him a winning sum of approximately €115.000,-.
After the death of Dr. Reiner Klimke, Biotop was successfully ridden for another 2 years by his daughter Ingrid, who increased Biotop's life winnings by €25.000.-!

Biotop was bred on the Russian gestüt Kirow, where the famous horses Topki, Almox Prints, Blesk, and Hockey were born. Gestüt Kirow is in second place on the World Breeders List 1990/98 with the horses: Biotop, Podhod, and From Russia with Love.

Full descendant report of the stallion BIOTOP in 2000:

Biotop showed a uniform collection of more than sufficient to very well developed riding type foals that stand in good rectangular model and have a lot of charisma.
The head is usually expressive.
The neck is long and well formed.
The neck is long, well formed, and generally well muscled.
The wither is sufficiently developed and extends far.
The shoulder has good length and sufficient position.
The back has good length and is well muscled. In some cases, the back has sunk.
The loins are of good length, well connected, and well muscled.
The croup is long, sloping, and well muscled. The trouser muscle has enough length.
The foreleg is correctly positioned. In some cases, the pastern is long and weak.
The hind leg is usually bent.
The foundation is usually well developed and has quality.

The walk is moderate to sufficiently pure and has sufficient scope.

The trot has a lot of scope and a lot of suppleness. The foals have a lot of bend in the hind leg and show sufficient carriage, but should be able to switch gears more.

The foals could canter more easily. The canter is great.

Mothers: more than sufficient.

Number of mares covered in 1999: 22.
Number of foals shown in 2000: 10.

1.71 m
Approved for

Trakehner Verband

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