Blue Hors Zackerey

We are proud that through our good cooperation with Blue Hors we have been able to discuss that the Top Stallion Blue Hors Zackerey will come to our Stallion Station due to their downsizing. We purchased this movement artist together with our colleague Stal Brouwer from Gieten. Blue Hors Zackerey: he came, saw and conquered! During the Oldenburg Stallion Show 2018, he was described as the best stallion of the entire inspection and unanimously won the prestigious Hauptprämien 2018. This great horse already emerged as an absolute giant of movement during the Oldenburg Stallion Show 2016. Zackerey is a beautiful appearance, who knows how to convince everyone in terms of type, movement, pedigree and performance. Zackerey was also welcomed with open arms in Denmark; which resulted in a premium during the 2017 stallion inspection, a Gold medal during the 2018 Stallion inspection, the reserve title during the Danish Championship for 4-year-old dressage horses with a score of 9.46 points - talent 9.8 - canter 9.5 - trot and attitude 8.8. Zackerey also makes his mark in breeding. He presented his first excellent vintage in 2018, bringing top auctions in both Vechta and Luhmühlen. In 2020 he approved his first sons at the various inspections in Germany, including his well-known son Zico.

His father Blue Hors Zack is one of the best Grand Prix stallions in current dressage horse breeding. On his mother's side, Zackerey goes back to one of Denmark's most famous performance lines. He traces his lineage back to the thoroughbred stallion Paganini xx via the foundation stallions Sandro Hit and Solos Carex. In addition to Zackerey, this mare line produced many international dressage horses, including two-time World Champion young dressage horses Fiontini (now Grand Prix) and her full sister Fiontina as well as the Olympiad horses Dublet, Dorina and Gay. The international Grand Prix horses Caprino, Cartier and Calderon also come from Zackery's lineage.

We have reduced the stud fee for you as a Dutch breeder to € 1,400.- (previously Blue Hors € 1,700.-)

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Møller - Nørgaard
Overgaardvej 1, Ljørring
DK7490 Avlum
1.74 m
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€ 300,-
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€ 1.100,-
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€ 1.400,-
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