Breeders Day, this was great

What a beautiful day we had. Many registrations, beautiful weather, and many happy breeders who do 'breeder talk' with each other. That is really important to us: atmosphere, conviviality, and commitment to our Stallion Station.

We had no fewer than 11 groups of foals. In each group we had 8 or 9 foals spread over the whole day. A total of 93 foals. We started at 09:00 with the older colts, then the older fillies and so on. The last group was at 5:00 PM; the youngest colts. From each group, one or more foals were selected by the jury for the final, which started at 6:00 PM. The jury consisted of Ab Barneveld, Luuk Smetsers, and Eva Möller. 18 foals eventually entered the final. These were allowed to present themselves one more time and 8 foals were eventually placed.

  • Champion cat. no. 86 ~Toptoto E ~ O'Toto van de Wimphof x Charmeur / Stallion foal bred by Henk Ebbers
  • Reserve Champion cat. no. 13 ~Tsarina-Ray ~ Fürst Jazz x Glamourdale / Filly bred by W.A. of the roe
  • 2nd Reserve Champion cat. no. 37 ~Thor F. ~ Extreme U.S. x UB 40 / Stallion foal bred by Margriet Faber
  • no. 4 Cat. no. 72 ~ Tim's Pride ~ Extreme U.S. x Apache / Stallion foal bred by Thijs van Rossum
  • no. 5 Cat. no. 33 ~ Tina T. ~ Las Vegas x Totilas / Filly bred by Belinda Westerhuis & Dryas B.V.
  • no. 6 Cat. no. 2 ~ Tommy G ~ Nordic Blue Hors x Vivaldi / Stallion foal bred by Rianne de Jong Gerritsen
  • no. 7 Cat. no. 85 ~ Toto O'Bala KH ~ O'Toto van de Wimphof x Tango / Stallion foal bred by Siede Kempenaar
  • no. 8 Cat. no. 52 ~ Toblerone ~ Hermès x Don Schufro / Stallion foal bred by Floor van Kempen

Posted in Catalog Order:

  • Cat. no. 19 ~ Tommy Shelby ~ Just Wimphof x Cadans M / Stallion foal bred by Renate van Uytert-van Vliet
  • Cat. no. 36 ~ Terrific Toto DB ~ O'Toto van de Wimphof x Governor / Colt bred by Conny de Bie
  • Cat. no. 39 ~ Te Quiero ~ MBH Santiano x Florencio / Stallion foal bred by Elsa Tiemessen
  • Cat. no. 40 ~ Thorsten ~ Extreme U.S. x Just Wimphof / Stallion foal bred by Gustave Kruse
  • Cat. no. 43 ~ Trés Bien Vrouwe ~ Livius x Johnson / Filly bred by Henk Schutte
  • Cat. no. 46 ~ Twinset Daula ~ O'Toto van de Wimphof x In Style / Filly bred by Elles Deckers
  • Cat. no. 61 ~ Three in a Row Veluw ~ Extreme U.S. x Lord Loxley / Filly bred by Cor Litjens
  • Cat. no. 62 ~ Tennessee D ~ Fürst Jazz x Flemmingh / Filly bred by Janine Denen
  • Cat. no. 71 ~ Turbulence ~ Extreme U.S. x Oscar / Stallion foal bred by Els Faber
  • Cat. no. 78 ~ Top Gear TD ~ Next Romancier x Just Wimphof / Stallion foal bred by Tamara Doorn

All participants: CONGRATULATIONS!