Cartano was allowed to participate in the KWPN shortened performance test, because he took the 70-day test in Germany as a 3-year-old. This 70-day test took place at the "NRW-Landgestüt" in Warendorf. Cartano won this competition with 137.05 points for jumping!
Here are the main points of this 70-day test:

  • Step 7.0;
  • Trot 7.0;
  • Gallop 9.0;
  • Free jumping 9.68;
  • Jump aptitude 9.5;
  • Points from the test riders for his "Rittigkeit" 8.25;
  • Points of the test riders for the course jumping 9.75.

In Cartano all the "top-blood" of Holstein is united, viz.
Carthage, Capitol I, Calando I, Cor de la Bryère, Consul, Ahorn Z, Capitano, Cottage Son xx, and Calypso II.

Cartano's dam, E.Dream Girl, makes him even more interesting as a breeding stallion:

  • 2 years in a row winner "Holsteiner Springchampionat";
  • As a five and six year old Bundeschampionat run under Dirk Ahlmann;
  • Jumped internationally with 10 victories in "(S)schwere Prüfungen".

Cartano's sire is the world famous breeding and sport stallion Carthago (Capitol I). With Jos Lansink, the Olympic gray stallion has won numerous competitions. Cartano was bred out of the mare E-Dream Girl, who performed successfully at 1.40m level. Her sire Alasca (Ahorn Z) is bred out of the full sister of the Holsteiner stallion Coriolan. Grandmother Valet (Caprivi) produced, in combination with Cantus, the international showjumping horse Copperfield (Robert Wilczewski), who was previously ridden by Tjark Nagel. This relatively small family (Holsteiner lineage 5625) produced several good sport horses, such as the international jumping Charlottenhof's Athletica (Athlet Z). Cartano carries three times the blood of the Holsteiner stallion Capitano via the stallions Capitol I and Caprivi as well as the mare Inderin. In the stallion competition 2005/2006 the final victory went to Cartano with Jeroen Dubbeldam. His first foals look promising, his daughter Beau-Odette became reserve champion of the National foal show.

1.68 m
Hols Stamm 5625
Approved for


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KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Galop: 8.5
Afdruk: 9.0
Techniek: 8.5
Vermogen: 9.0
Aanleg als springpaard: 9.0



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