Fleetwood Mac CL

Fleetwood Mac was trained by Tommie Visser. Fleetwood Mac has a beautiful exterior and a very good attitude with a lot of desire to work. He is also a black son of our top progenitor Gribaldi from a very strong dam line that also produces a lot of sport.

Fleetwood Mac's mother is the well-known Havidoff mare Liementa. She was owned by Cor van der Linden from foal. Liementa was very successful at the mare inspections. Twice she was allowed to go to the U.T.V. in Utrecht, where she finished third in the Netherlands at the age of 3. With her 5th year, Liementa finished 10th under Imke Bartels in the PAVO Cup Final in Ermelo. After that she started breeding and in the years that she brought a foal, she rode several times with different riders to the Z1-level.

She produced a number of successful mares:

Princes Lincom CL v. Junior STV
The first daughter of Liementa. This mare is sport dressage and elite with a breeding value Dressage 179 and she competed in the Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I. She produced the following dressage horses:

  • Worker CL v. Rhodium AES Grand Prix Stallion;
  • Valentijn's CL v. Osimium Z2 Dressage;
  • Darcy CL v. Jazz 5th in PAVO Final as a 4 year old;
  • Don Jon v. Zizi Top Z1 Dressage.

Lincom's Sympathy CL v. Balzflug
The second daughter of Liementa is Elite, Preferent, and has competed in the Intermediaire I. She produced the following dressage horses:

  • Chuoppy Checker CL v. Osmium Prix St. Georges;
  • Cympathy CL v. Osmium Elite USA Z Dressage;
  • Elton John CL v. Johnson AES 6th PAVO Final;
  • Welldone CL v. Rhodium Prix St. Georges;
  • Time Less CL v. Noureyev.

Liementa's third daughter is Elite Sport Dressage.
She competed successfully in the fourth level dressage. She produced the following dressage horses:

  • Ziementa CL v. Rousseou Sport Dressage, Elite, Z2 dressage;
  • Biementa CL v. Painted Black Sold to USA.

Liementa also produced the following successful horses:

  • Rammezottie CL v. Kelvin Stallion Prix St Georges;
  • Wimente CL v. Diamond Hit Elite Z Dressage USA;
  • Bolero CL v. Dolany Z1.
1.72 m
Merrielijn 188, fokfamilie 254
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