Genomic breeding values

Posted 04-20-2023

Ambassadors distance themselves from current KWPN policy 

Due to the news coverage of the past few days, you may have noticed that commotion has arisen within the KWPN regarding the genomic breeding values for mares and stallions.  As a group of ambassadors, we have felt the urgent need to make a strong commitment to our KWPN association over the past year, and we all hoped to achieve a more practical breeding policy in which both our group and the KWPN breeders feel confident. 

To our very great regret, we have to conclude that within our KWPN association there is currently no representation from the professional group and for that reason we distance ourselves from the breeding policy that is currently being implemented. In our opinion, the board currently lacks the knowledge to manage a good and solid breeding policy. 

Where the impression is created that we are agitating against the KWPN studbook, we want to emphasize that we all have a strong beating KWPN heart and it is precisely because of this love for the KWPN horse that we have made our time, knowledge and expertise available to the general board of the KWPN. It was therefore a great disappointment for us to learn through the media that the conclusion is that the breeding values are basically correct and will be raised to a higher level with some improvements. 

Our interpretation of the published report is quite different, namely that the establishment of the current genomic breeding values is incorrect on some 23 points, with one of the most important conclusions is,  that the current breeding value estimation based on highest standings does not fit well with our KWPN breeding goal;  Grand Prix. 

During a meeting on April 12, 2023, we once again tried to express our views on the entire policy and were told by the General Board that a decision or plan of action would be made within two months. Although one of the important conclusions of the report is that there should be better communication with the members, the general board has decided to issue a press release within two days which shows that our voice is totally ignored. All the time and energy we put into the KWPN last year to come to a more practical breeding policy has been wasted. 

Of course we regret the situation that has arisen and we hope to be able to be part of the decision making within the KWPN at a later time. Our KWPN breeding hearts keep beating but for now we will go our own way. 


Jan Greve 

Paul Hendrix 

Daan Horn 

Wiebe Yde vd Lageweg 

Henk Nijhof 

Gertjan van Olst 

Eugene Reesink 

Egbert Schep 

Joop v Uytert