Just Wimphof

Results 2023:

  • CDI Kronenberg; Winner Musik Kür with score of 73.71%
  • CDI Kronenberg; Winner Intermediaire I with score of 70.15%
  • Bronze Dutch Championship in the Light Tour 
  • Dutch Championship; 3e pl. Musik Kür with score of77.00%
  • Dutch Championship; 3e pl. Prix St. Georges with score of 73.04%
  • Stallion Show Den Bosch; Winner VHO-Trofee with score of 78.13% 
  • Jumping Amsterdam; 2e Kür op Muziek Intermediaire I 77.42%
  • Jumping Amsterdam; Winner Prix St. Georges with score of 73.246%
  • Bodegraven; Winner Prix St. Georges with score of 75.22%

This year at the KWPN Stallion Inspection a very talented son of his named Rocky H (Just Wimphof x Negro x Vivaldi) bred by Maas and Marianne Hendriksen, was selected. His offspring are notable for their 'rideability', connection and strong hind leg. Just Wimphof was top leader of the 2023 VSN final for 4-year-old dressage horses. In 2022, Just Wimphof offspring where on Top at many young horses competions, such as Othello (mv. Sir Sinclair) ridden by Tatum Nugteren and Oliver R Tambo SV (mv. Spielberg) under the saddle of Mercedes Verweij. Just Wimphof received no less than 3 KWPN-approved stallions from his first crop, namely: Nick Wimphof (mv. Bordeaux), Number Two (Mv. Ferro) and Network (mv. Negro). His offspring are very stable under saddle, he has certainly inherited these qualities from 'De Niro' and his strongly anchored mother line from which the top stallion Don Schufro also comes out. Also during the mare season, many of his daughters with good points became 'Ster' and 'Voorlopig Keur', which many mares converted to 'Keur' mare through a good IBOP.

Winning test Prix St. Georges Manege Prinsenstad
Today (20-11-2022), Renate van Uytert brought our eight-year-old KWPN stallions Just Wimphof (De Niro x Riccione), for the Prix St. Georges at the Subtop competition in Delft. The duo won the strongly contested class with an excellent score of 73.824% and with it an starting ticket for the Light Tour class at Jumping Amsterdam.
With Just Wimphof, Renate van Uytert was on the start early on. “It went really well and I was very happy anyway. But it was super exciting and a strong group. It is really cool if it turned out like this, says the rider enthusiastically.

Very concentrated
For eight-year-old Just Wimphof, who competed in the finals of the World Championship for Young Horses as a five- and seven-year-old, today was his third time in the Prix St. Georges. “It was completely faultless and we didn't have one unsatisfactory result. I had the test clearly in my mind, thought about the training with Diederik and was very concentrated.”

Zomer 2022: Succesfull Prix St. Georges debut with score more then 70%.

Winter 2022:

  • Champion Dressage Subtop Multi-Day Tolbert
  • 2nd day, winner ZZ-Z with a score of 73.43%
  • 1st day, 2nd pl. ZZ-Z with a score of 72.21%

Now in the beginning of 2022 and 2021, our stallion just Wimphof has put in fantastic performances as a breeding stallion and dressage horse. Some of his successes mentioned above, but also at the World Championships. in Verden he made a strong impression under Renate van Uytert-van Vliet. With high scores they came straight into the Final. The competition was fierce but Renate performed very well in the Final with the following points: trot 9.5 - walk 8.9 - canter 8.3 - submission 8.2 - perspective 8.7. A wonderful conclusion because they qualified for the World Championships together as 5-6 and 7-year-olds. young dressage horses.
Just Wimphof received no fewer than 3 KWPN-approved stallions from his first crop, viz. Nick Wimhof pls. Bordeaux, Number Two pl Ferro and Network m.v. Negro. His offspring are very stable under the saddle, he has certainly inherited these qualities from 'De Niro' and his strongly anchored mother line, which also produces the top stallion Don Schufro. Also during the mare season many of his daughters became 'Ster' and 'Voorlopig Keur' with good points, which many mares converted into Keurmare by a good IBOP.

Just Wimphof once again made a strong impression at the KWPN Stallionshow 2022 with his high-quality breeding. Four kisses were designated for the Performance Test. During the KWPN pre-selection in Ermelo, 7 sons of his were selected for the 2nd Viewing. This made him the best scoring stallion!

What a great winter for Just Wimphof. We were eagerly awaiting his first offspring to compete at the KWPN stallion selection, as we already had some very nice 2.5 year old sons. But you never know what’s going to happen next. Just Wimphof topped the KWPN stallion pre-selection in Ermelo with 15 sons. It was a beautiful collection of great moving young stallions with strong connections in the back and loins. The KWPN jury also praised the collection, and 10 of Just Wimphof’s sons were chosen for the 2nd viewing.
During the KWPN Stallion Inspection that was broadcast online, 4 of his sons moved up to the Performance Test, including our stallions Nick Wimphof (mv. Bordeaux) bred by Tinus Naber from Vredenheim and Number Two (mv. Ferro) bred by us and Gerrit & Anne Marie van Esterik from Ochten.

In 2020, Just Wimphof was well trained with his rider Renate van Uytert-van Vliet and competed successfully in the World Championships 6-year-old classes. Together they qualified as one of the 6 combinations that were supposed to compete at the World Championships in Verden. 

Just Wimphof and Renate van Uytert-van Vliet had a fantastic test at the Den Bosch Stallion Competition class M. They were rewarded with 90 points across walk, trot, canter, harmony, and general impression.
Walk 9.0 - Trot 9.0 - Gallop 9.0 - Harmony 9.0 - General impression 9.0 - Total 90 points


In the 5 yo classes, Renate and Just Wimphof enjoyed a successful year:

  • 3rd place Stallion competition class M, Zuidbroek 90 points
  • 5th place Stallion competition class M, Ermelo 84 points
  • 4th place Stallion competition class M, De Peelbergen 86 points
  • 2nd place Subli Cup for dressage horses, Emmeloord
  • World Cup final 8.46%


With Renate van Uytert-van Vliet, Just Wimphof delivered consistently excellent results.

  • 3rd place Stallion competition Zuidbroek 87 points
  • 2nd place Ermelo 89 points
  • 2nd place De Peelbergen 89 points
  • Semi-final Pavo cup- 85 points
  • Winner Subli Cup selection Emmeloord 85.6%
  • Winner Subli Cup Selection Nieuw and St. Joostland 89.4%

His first two-year-old offspring stand out for their fine character, lovely trot, and excellent walk. Just Wimphof has sired several outstanding foals, including

  • Foal champion Ovezande de Nordiek (x Vivaldi) Zeeland
  • Foal champion Oui Merzzi v/d Waalshoeve (x Charmeur) Utrecht
  • BWP National foal championship three Just Wimphof foals in the top five

Just Wimphof has the highest breeding value of his year -- 175.

Here’s how one KPWN inspector describes Just Wimphof foals: Judge Bert Rutten: “Nice uniform collection with sufficient to good developed foals, that are very good in type and have a lot of appearance. The foundation is correct and strong. The walk is more than sufficient, the trot is light- footed and uphill, and the canter has a lot of balance.”

Sire line

  • Sire De Niro No. 1 of the world (WBFSH Stallion Ranking) 
  • Dam-sire Riccione has sired several Grand Prix horses
  • Grandmother sire Sandro Hit No.2 in the world (WBFSH Stallion Ranking)
  • Great-grand-mother sire Classiker father of several Grand Prix horses
  • Great-great-grand mother world sire Donnerhall

Dam line

  • Foundation mare Fiesta is also the mother of Topstallion Don Schufro, No.10 breeding stallion in the world (WBFSH Stallion Ranking)
  • Grandmother Sabriena is the half-sister of Fienna W, who produced Prix St. Georges horses Sampras & Salutation from Sandro Hit.
  • Great-grandmother Fiella (sir Classiker) is the full sister of the famous Grand Prix horses Café au Lait with Maree Tomkinson and Cappucino under Karin Rehbein.
  • Dam Rastede is Elite Sport and Z2 dressage, with an IBOP of 84.5 points and Pavo Cup finalist.
Carla & Eelkco Kramer - Rienks
Nachtlan 2
9213 RG De Wilgen
1.69 m
Juromette, Hannover Stutenstamm 1189803 (Schridde 659)
Approved for


Service fee
€ 300,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 1.050,-
Studfee total
€ 1.350,-
Sperm available
Additional info

Genoom 108 
Vosfactor vrij

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 8.5
Draf: 8.5
Galop: 8.5
Souplesse: 8.5
Houding en balans: 8.5
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 9.0

Totaal: 86.0

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