Extreme U.S.

What our stallion Extreme U.S. has shown in 2023 is rarely shown. We start with his breeding; At the National Foal inspection he was top leader with no fewer than 7 foals, delivered the Dutch Champion Tamina Delin BS, ms. Tuschinski from breeder B. Bartelds and Stal Brouwer. Also the number 3 and also the best colt Thor F ms. UB. 40 from breeder Margriet Faber was his. In addition, Extreme U.S. supplied the most expensive foal sold at 3 foal auctions: Prinsjesdag, Borculo and Stal Brouwer Auctions. Extreme U.S. passes on character, people-orientedness and a lot of verve to his foals. He himself showed a rare class under his regular rider Renate van Uytert-van Vliet during the Pavo Cup 2023 and received a great description from guest rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen and the highest possible grade of 10. They also won the KWPN Stallion Competition 2023/2025 together. and the selection matches in Kronenberg and Ermelo both with the high score of 89 points.

Winter 2023

During the KWPN Stallion Inspection in Den Bosch 2023, our stallion Extreme U.S. under Renate left a fantastic impression at the presentation of the new dressage year. Extreme U.S. ; what a great stallion, very beautiful conformation, 3 very good basic gaits and from a super lineage.

His mother Viva Contana is the half-sister of the mother of Glock's Total U.S., Dante U.S., Lamborghini U.S., Mister U.S. and the well-known mare Zantana RS2 (Mother of Fürst Zonik).

Extreme U.S.: https://www.horsetelex.nl/horses/pedigree/2268162/extreme-u-s-

Sondra: https://www.horsetelex.nl/horses/progeny/1687593

Extreme U.S. is the first at the KWPN approved son of Escamillo. As a six year old Escamillo won silver at the world championships for young horses in Verden. The Escolar-son Escamillo was premium stallion en won the German sport test. The mother of Extreme U.S. is the Hanover mare Viva Contana PS, a daughter from the preferent stallion Vivaldi. De mother line of Extreme U.S. follows with the Don Schufro Daughter Contana. In combination with Sandro Hit Contana gave birth to Swagman, approved by several German studbooks, as well as the international Grand Prix horse Swagman 2, and the Small Tour horse Equiscio’s Welldone. Contana also serves as grandmother of the KWPN approved stallion Total U.S., who performs at international Grand Prix level, and the sport horses Great Gatsby PS and Zaid 3. This dam line has many stallions approved in other studbooks, as Dante U.S., Debutant PS, and Fürst Zonik PS. Great-grandmother Contia (S. Continue) is both mother and grandmother of many well-performing show jumpers.

Official KWPN research report 2022:
Extreme U.S. is a balanced, reliable, rider-focused stallion with a very good attitude. The stallion has a lot of work ethic and can be worked very well by his rider.
The walk contains much activity, is pure in four beats, and is very good in scope with much use of the body.
The trot has good scope and impulsion. Extreme U.S. has a very good front leg technique and a good hindleg that comes under and carries himself very well.
The canter is uphill and very powerful. He canters with a lot of self-carriage and scope.
Extreme U.S. moves with a lot of tact and a very good leg technique, self-carriage, and balance,  whereby his ability to switch stands out very positively. As a dressage horse, Extreme U.S. has much to very much talent and gives his rider a very good feeling.

Stable behaviour:
Honest and reliable stallion, easy to handle, and quiet in the stable.

Breeding/adaptation advice:
Extreme U.S. can improve movement technique, body use, rideability, and disposition. He can add shifting ability to the dressage horse breeding program.

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Gestüt Lewitz
Lewitzhof 1
DE19306 Neustadt-Glewe
1.71 m
Oldenburger Stamm 149
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€ 300,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 1.050,-
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€ 1.350,-
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Genoom 101

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport

Stap: 9.0
Draf: 9.0
Galop: 8.5
Souplesse: 9.0
Houding en balans: 9.0
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 9.0

Totaal: 89.0

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