Good stallion competition class Z & ZZ 2016/2017

Foundation comes from the same mother as:

  • Johnny Depp - Successful with Renate van Vliet including reserve champion VSN 2017;
  • Idool - Successful under Laura Quint;
  • Hiana - IBOP of no less than 88 points.

Foundation is a son of the Small Tour stallion United. Mother Wiana was included in the studbook with high marks and carries the star and preferent predicates. This daughter of Jazz comes out of Liane, a star preferent performance mare by Ferro. Liane is also the dam of the KWPN stallion Redford (s. Krack C). She also produced Z-dressage horses by Mooiman, Krack C, Obelisk, and Jazz. The dam line continues with the star preferent mare Fabiola, a daughter of Lector out of the keur preferent mare Wanda, a daughter of the English thoroughbred Lucky Boy XX and Olene, a daughter of the Marco-Polo son Miro x Albatros.

Official KWPN research report 2013:
Foundation is an honest and reliable stallion with a more than satisfactory to good attitude. The stallion has more than sufficient willingness to work and can be worked more than sufficiently to well. The walk is pure, very good in scope with much use of the body. The trot has more than sufficient scope, power and self-carriage. The canter has a lot of power and a lot of scope and self-carriage. Foundation moves with more than sufficient flexibility. In movement, the stallion has more than sufficient to much self-carriage and balance. As a dressage horse, Foundation has more than sufficient to much talent and gives his rider a good feeling.

Foundation is a well-developed stallion with a good dressage horse model. The head is more than sufficiently expressive. The neck has sufficient length. The neck has good shape, length, and muscling. The wither is well developed and has good length. The shoulder has good length and placement. The back has good length and is slightly poorly muscled. The loins are poorly muscled. The croup is sloping and more than sufficient in length. The trouser muscle should be longer. The foreleg has more than sufficient length and correct position. The hind leg is correctly positioned. The pasterns are of good length and well posed. The foundation is more than sufficiently developed and of more than sufficient quality. The feet have good shape and quality.

Stable behaviour:
Honest reliable stallion, easy to handle, and quiet in the stable.

KWPN breeding advice:
Foundation can add quality in the walk and good hind leg use to dressage horse breeding. The stallion seems to fit best on mares with a strong superstructure.

Fam. T. Naber
Vredenheim 5
9445 XH Vredenheim
1.70 m
fokfamilie 566
Approved for


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Additional info

Genoom 102

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 9.0
Draf: 7.5
Galop: 8.0
Souplesse: 7.5
Houding & Balans: 7.5
Rijdbaarheid & Instelling: 7.5
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 7.5

Totaal: 79.0


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