Franklin did not only produced the Danish champion foal in 2016. His foals were also very popular at the foal auctions across Europe. At the Oldenburg foal auction a son was sold for €80.000,-. On a Danish foal auction a filly was auctioned for more than €47.000,-.

Franklin presented a fantastic collection of foals in 2015. The abridged KWPN report reads: "Franklin showed a uniform collection of more than sufficient to well developed foals with a good dressage model and a lot of charisma. The walk has sufficient space and suppleness. The trot is light-footed with a lot of freedom in the shoulder and has a good to very good ground cover with a good use of the hind leg. The canter has a good ground cover, impulsion, suppleness and great balance. Remarkable is the capability to extend and collect."

In 2016, Franklin was also successful in sport. At the Danish championships he was vice champion of the 6-year-old dressage horses with a fantastic score of 8.90 points. He qualified for the World Championships for young dressage horses in Ermelo and scored a 9.0 for his trot.

In the KWPN Stallion competition 2014/2015 with his rider Severo Jurado Lopez he scored a 10 for his trot several times, in which he excels in technique and power. He has a very stron hind leg which he carries well underneath.

Fam. Stoeterij Musterd
Zanddijk 3
4927 SL Hoge Zwaluwe
1.70 m
Floriaantje-stam, Merrielijn 71, fokfamilie 40
Approved for
Service fee
€ 1.600,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 0,-
Studfee total
€ 1.600,-
Additional info

Genoom 102

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 7.0
Draf: 8.5
Galop: 9.5
Souplesse: 9.0
Houding en balans: 9.5
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 9.0

Totaal: 86.5



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