Our stallion Googel, which we owned together with breeder Henk Schutte, was sold to Switzerland at our Excellent Dressage Sales (EDS) auction in April 2015.

No.5 Championship Dressage Horses KWPN Stallion Show 2014

Very good KWPN Performance Test 2014

Googel is a stallion that moves with a lot of technique in his legs. He is very interestingly bred from a proven dam line that shows a lot of sport.

Googel is a son of Bordeaux out of the elite mare Cadansvrouwe, a daughter of the GP stallion Johnson. Granddam Dansvrouw carries the elite, preferent, and performance predicate. This is a daughter of Kommandeur. Dansvrouw is mother of several sport horses: three third level dressage horses from Jazz (2x) and Trento B, a Z2-dressage horse from Candyboy, a Z1-dressage horse from Blanc Rivage xx, Elcaro, and Future. She also produced a 1.35 m jumping horse from Kennedy and two 1.30 m jumping horses from Casco and Lancet. Dansvrouw comes from the star, preferent, performance mare Landsvrouwe, a daughter of the preferent stallion Folio. Landsfolde is dam of the GP dressage horse Casanova (s.Kommandeur), an LT by Uniform, a third level dressage horse by Blanc Rivage xx, and a Z2 by Saluut. This strong performance line also produced the GP dressage horses Winston (s. Gribaldi) and Undercover (s. Ferro) ridden by Edward Gal.

Official KWPN research report 2014:
Googel is an honest and reliable stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and can be worked well. The walk is pure and has good to very good scope and suppleness. The trot is active, with more than sufficient to good scope with a powerful hind leg that steps under. The canter is uphill, powerful with much to very much self-carriage and scope. Googel moves with a lot of flexibility, with a lot of self-carriage, and balance. Googel has a lot of talent as a dressage horse and gives his rider a good feeling.

Googel is a more than sufficiently developed stallion with sufficient rectangular model. The head has sufficient charisma with somewhat heavy jaws. The neck has more than sufficient length with a slightly heavy head/neck connection. The neck has good length, shape, and muscling. The wither is more than sufficiently developed, but should be longer. The shoulder has good length and placement. The back is slightly sunken, sufficient in length, and well muscled. The loins are well muscled and well connected. The croup has good length, location, and muscling. The trouser muscle has good length. Seen from the front, the foreleg is set slightly French at the front right and correctly set when viewed from the side. The hind leg is correctly positioned. The pasterns are a fraction week and long. The foundation is well developed and of good quality. The feet are well developed.

Stable behaviour:
Honest reliable stallion, easy to handle, and quiet in the stable.

KWPN breeding advice:
Google can improve leg technique. Mares should be long-lined.

H.J.M. Schutte
Dorpsstraat 69
6659 CC Wamel
Donkere vos
1.67 m
Landsvrouwe-stam, Merrielijn 228, fokfamilie 1951
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KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 8.5
Draf: 8.0
Galop: 8.5
Souplesse: 8.0
Houding & Balans: 8.0
Rijdbaarheid & Instelling: 8.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.0

Totaal: 82.0


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