Beautifully modeled stallion with a lot of refinement and bred from a very strong dam line of Zhivago & Fürst Jazz

Grenoble is a son of show champion Bordeaux out of the very well tested elite mare Capri P, a daughter of Florencio. Grenoble comes from the well-known tribe of Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt. Grandmother Orendy is a daughter of the Preferent Jazz, who carries the predicates Ster, Preferent, and Performance. She is also the dam of the small tour dressage horse and KWPN stallion Zhivago (by Krack C). In addition, she produced a Z2 dressage horse in combination with Painted Black and a Z1 dressage horse in combination with Gribaldi. Great-grandmother Endy is a 'keur', preferent, and performance daughter of Ulft. She is, among other things, grandmother of the KWPN stallions Charmeur, Zuidenwind, and Viento Uno W. She also produced Andy (by Jazz), besides National Championships champion also Z2 dressage, Karmijn (by Damiro) Grand Prix dressage, Zendy (by Jazz) Small Tour dressage, Peron (s. Jazz) third level dressage, and Montango (s. Contango) Z2 dressage. The dam line continues with the 'keur', preferent, and performance mare Wendy, a daughter of Amor x Grand Seigneur x Alex.

Official KWPN research report 2014:
Grenoble is an honest and reliable stallion with a more than sufficient attitude, who is easily distracted. The stallion has more than sufficient willingness to work and can be worked more than sufficiently. The walk is pure and has good scope. The trot has more than sufficient scope but should show more power and self-carriage. The canter is uphill, well balanced, and has good scope. As a dressage horse, Grenoble has more than sufficient to much talent and gives his rider a more than sufficient feeling.

Grenoble is an appealing, generously developed stallion who stands in very good rectangular model with an appealing forehand. The head is attractive with a beautiful eye. The neck has good length, shape, and muscling. The wither has good length and development. The shoulder has good length and placement. The back is slightly sunken, with good length and muscling. The loins are well muscled and well connected. The croup has good length, location, and muscling. The trouser muscle should be longer. The foreleg is correct when viewed from the side and slightly French when viewed from the front. The hind leg is correctly positioned. The pasterns are more than sufficient in length. The foundation is well developed and of good quality.

Stable behaviour:
Honest reliable stallion, easy to handle, and quiet in the stable.

KWPN breeding advice:
Grenoble can improve the model and especially the front as well as add variety and appearance.

Pegasus Stables
Grondhuttenweg 3
7497 NE Bentelo
1.71 m
Merrielijn 100, fokfamilie 280
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Additional info

Genoom 99

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 8.0
Draf: 7.5
Galop: 8.0
Souplesse: 8.0
Houding & Balans: 8.0
Rijdbaarheid & Instelling: 7.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 7.5

Totaal: 77.5



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