For Gribaldi

The debut ub ZZ-Licht dressage in 2016 by For Gribaldi and Dinja van Liere resulted in a beautiful victory. "For Gribaldi tackles the difficult exercises such as flying changes and half pirouettes very easily', Dinja tells. For Gribaldi easily qualified for the Pavo Cup final for 6-year-old dressage horses and finished 6th. Judge Monique Peutz gave as comment: "A very attractive horse with a beautiful model. His lightness is remarkable and he is very nice to ride.

According to us For Gribaldi could be a realistic successor of our absolute top sire Gribaldi. In many ways they are a like: in character, both an excellent walk and the technique to collect. Also For Gribaldi's damline is fantasticly bred apparent by four generations of Keur, Kroon and Preferent. Dam Kladaula was champion of Utrecht as a 3-year-old. Both grandam Ladaula an great-grandam Daula became national champions!

For Gribaldi showed a very nice collection of chic foals last year. Abridged KWPN report: 'For Gribaldi showed a uniform collection of more than sufficiently developed, long-legged foals with a good dressage model and a nice big eye. The foals have a remarkable forehand and show a lot of blood. The walk is good in ground covering and suppleness. The trot is light-footed, has a lot of flexibility and is ample in ground covering. The foals have a good posture. The foals canter easily and then have more than sufficient power, ample in ground covering and a good balance

Comb. Joop van Uytert & Ab Barneveld
van Heemstraweg 6 / Rembrandtlaan 37
6624 KJ Heerewaarden / 3723 BG Bilthoven
1.69 m
Daula-stam, Merrielijn 31, fokfamilie 20
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Service fee
€ 1.000,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 0,-
Studfee total
€ 1.000,-
Sperm available
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Genoom 102
Vosfactor vrij

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport

Stap: 9.0
Draf: 8.5
Galop: 7.5
Souplesse: 9.0
Houding en balans: 8.5
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 9.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.5

Totaal: 85.0

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For Gribaldi x Flemmingh x Jazz x Chronos Fok. Grad en Ad Gijsbers te Loosbroek


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