Kitt SB

Kitt SB has all the tools for success: a toppedigree, jumps a superior and is stunning.

During the KWPN stallion competition 2019/2020, Kitt SB showed under Bart Bles how many qualities he has. His ability, reflexes and jumping technique stood out positively and Kitt SB managed to stay clear under Bart Bles every round. The offspring reporting from Kitt SB was also very positive. Kitt SB showed a collection of well developed, appealing, well modeled foals that are in good model. The foals have a well built front and a strong top line. The foals gallop easily and show a lot of lightness, space, flexibility and balance.

This very interesting stallion displays a lot of natural talent and carries an impressive mother line that includes many successful sport horses.

Kitt SB’s sire, Emir R (Coman x Carthago) was ridden successfully by Michael Greeve at the international 1.50m level, after which Rolf Bengtsson took over in 2018. 

Kitt’s dam Rubertha R3 stb-ext (x Sam R) jumped 1.35m and earned her sport predication. The grandmother N. Ruberth 14 (stb prest), daughter of preferred stallion Voltaire, produced international jumpers R. Ruberta 12 (x Caretino) and 1.35m jumper W. Ruberta 71 (x Germus R).  N. Reberth 14 also is the grandmother of international jumping horses descending from Chin, Wender R, Contender, and Indoctro.

Kitt’s great-grandmother, H. Ruberth 14 stb pref prest (Joost x Abgar xx) also produced international 1.45m horse W.Rubertha 73 (x Odermus R), a 1.40m horse (x Calvados), a 1.35m horse (x Laurin Holstein), and a 1.30m jumper (x Contender).  She is the grandmother of the stallion Dexter R (x Namelus R), who competes at the 1.50m level, as well as international jumping horses Beau Ruberta R (x  Namelus R, 1.45 m), B.Rubertha R. (x Tolan R, 1.35) and G.Rubertha R. (x Sam R, 1.30m).

Stal Brouwer
Achter 't Hout 17
9461 TH Gieten
1.68 m
Nuberta-stam, merrielijn 4, fokfamilie 1715
Approved for


Service fee
€ 300,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 700,-
Studfee total
€ 1.000,-
Sperm available
Additional info

Genoom 97

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Galop: 8.0
Reflexen: 9.0
Techniek: 9.0
Vermogen: 8.5
Rijdbaarheid: 8.0
Instelling: 8.5
Aanleg als springpaard: 8.5

Totaal: 85.5

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