Purple Rain

Current 2024:
The direct line between Blue Hors and our Stallion Station was a good success in 2023 and will therefore be continued in 2024 from April 1, 2024 to August 2, 2024.

Orders for Blue Hors Purple Rain:

  • Orders placed on Friday after 9:00 AM, Saturday, Sunday and Monday before 9:00 AM -> Delivery Monday evening.
  • Orders placed on Monday after 9:00 AM, Tuesday and Wednesday before 9:00 AM -> Delivery on Wednesday evening.
  • Orders placed on Wednesday after 9:00 AM, Thursday and Friday before 9:00 AM -> Delivery on Friday evening.

If you want to collect the semen on the delivery day, you can do this in the evening after 7:30 PM at our station or we will come and inseminate it the same evening at your mare's stable at no extra cost (max. 30-40 km from our station in Heerewaarden). The semen can also be sent the next day with HippoXpress. The shipping costs will then be charged.

However, NVWA paper costs are charged per delivery due to imports from Denmark.

NB! The above delivery conditions only apply to the first 3 orders/deliveries. From the 4th order/delivery, €75 per order will be charged (excl. shipping costs from HippoXpress within NL and NVWA paper costs).

All stallions have very good semen quality.


What a wonderful performance our stallion Purple Rain and Gerrel Vink had during the presentation of the new crop during the KWPN Stallion show. What strength this young stallion is already showing in the hind leg. After the past breeding season, Purple Rain is quietly further trained at home by Renate van Uytert van Vliet and that is paying off. He is becoming more stable, starting to walk with nice tact again and we are very happy with his development. For the Stallion Show we thought it would be better if Gerrel wanted to ride him in this hectic environment for 3.5 year old stallions and that turned out great.

The first time we saw this eye-catcher we were immediately impressed by it. A horse with strong movements and a very strong hind leg. He is still a very young stallion with a lot of breed. He reminds me (Joop van Uytert) of Painted Black in his younger years. We have great expectations of him and think that Purple Rain can develop into a top stallion in sport and breeding.

His first born foals look very special!

Purple Rain is a more than sufficiently developed, elegant stallion with charisma. It is more than sufficiently in the rectangular model, the torso direction is slightly downwards. The head is expressive. The neck has good length with a slight head-neck connection. The neck has more than sufficient shape, good length and more than sufficient muscling. The shoulder has good length and position. The withers are well developed and extend well into the back. The back has more than sufficient length, is slightly sunken and could be more generously muscled. The loins are sufficiently muscled and more than sufficiently connected. The croup is slightly sloping and has more than sufficient muscling. The trouser muscle is well continuous. The foreleg is correctly positioned when viewed from the side and is slightly French when viewed from the front. The hind leg is correctly positioned. The pasterns at the front and rear are correct in length and correctly positioned. The foundation is suitably developed and of good quality. The feet are more than sufficiently developed, sufficiently shaped and of good quality. The heels are slightly uneven.

The Vivaldi son Desperado is responsible for being the father of Purple Rain. Desperado is very successful in the international Grand Prix under his rider Emmelie Scholtens. He recently took part very creditably in the World Cup competitions and has already been able to win several victories at the highest level in sports. Mother Iana V.O.D. (elite, IBOP dress, PROK by Negro) is the full sister of the KWPN-approved stallion Kjento, who is a two-time world champion among young horses. Grandmother Zoriana (elite, preferent, performance, IBOP dress, PROK by Jazz) produced, in addition to the very impressively performing Kjento, another KWPN stallion, namely the premium stallion Mowgli V.O.D. Zoriana was third at the NMK and achieved a successful score of 90 points in the IBOP. She also serves as mother of NMK champion Heliana V.O.D. (by Davino V.O.D.) and Niana V.O.D. (v.Desperado), a ZZ-Licht dressage horse from Lord Leatherdale and two Z-dressage horses. The mother line continues with the mare Poriana (keur, preferent, performance, sport dress from Juventus), who has already produced several well-performing sport horses at ZZ-Light and ZZ-Heavy level in dressage.

KWPN Research Report 2023:
Purple Rain is an elegant and light-footed stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and is easy to train. The walk is pure four-stroke and has good scope. Seen from the front, the walk is still a bit narrow at times. In the trot the stallion has more than sufficient impulsion, a lot of light-footedness and good scope. The trot shows good foreleg technique and an active hind leg that carries well. The canter has good scope, with good leg technique and balance. Purple Rain moves with a lot of flexibility, more than sufficient self-carriage and good balance. Purple Rain has a lot of talent as a dressage horse and gives its rider a good feeling.

Stable behavior:
Honest, reliable stallion, easy to handle and quiet in the stable.

Breeding/mating advice:
Purple Rain can add lightness and improve movement technique in dressage horse breeding.

Fam. A.J. van Os
Heistraat 188
5161 GL Sprang Capelle
1.66 m
Merrielijn 127, fokfamilie 84
Approved for


Service fee
€ 300,-
Studfee pregnant
€ 700,-
Studfee total
€ 1.000,-
Sperm available
Additional info

Genoom 102

KWPN Onderzoeksrapport

Stap: 8.0
Draf: 8.0
Galop: 8.0
Souplesse: 8.0
Houding en balans: 8.0
Rijdbaarheid en instelling: 8.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.0

Totaal: 80.0

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