Dutch Champion 2011 in the Grand Prix with Hans Peter Minderhoud

The Schwung of Jazz & the power of Contango!

Tango more than lived up to expectations: first successful in the Small Tour, then a nice debut in the Grand Prix and the scores kept rising, which eventually resulted in the victory of the Dutch Championship 2011 in De Steeg. Hans Peter and Tango continued to perform after that, including World Cup Qualifier winner in Odense. In 2012 we sold Tango to the new sponsor of Hans Peter & Edward, mr. Glock from Austria.

2011 Hans Peter Minderhoud and I.P.S Tango Dutch Champion
After a spectacular denouement, it was Hans Peter Minderhoud and our stallion I.P.S Tango who can call themselves Dutch champions in the Big Tour next year. Partner Edward Gal made it quite difficult for him during Outdoor Gelderland with a beautifully ridden final freestyle, but Minderhoud managed to keep a narrow lead and took the title.

Already after the first part it became clear that the toughest battle in De Steeg was fought between Edward Gal and Hans Peter Minderhoud. In the Grand Prix it was Gal who won with Sisther de Jeu, a daughter of our stallion Gribaldi. In the Special, Minderhoud showed that he was in excellent shape with I.P.S Tango. They won this one by a long shot. Edward Gal presented the audience with a beautiful freestyle on Sunday evening and saw it rewarded with a score of 78.800 percent. It was Hans Peter Minderhoud's job to go beyond this. Due to an error in the half pass to the left, he was unable to beat Gal, but luckily his score of 78.725 percent was still enough for the lead in the final standings.

KNHS Winter Championships: Hans Peter Minderhoud and I.P.S Tango Champion

2010 Tango & Hans Peter Minderhoud internationally successful in the Grand Prix
2009 Tango & Hans Peter Minderhoud are extremely successful in the Small Tour:

  • 05 Oct. 2008 2nd pl. Flying Intermediate I 75.95 %
  • 15 Oct. 2008 1st pl. Odense (DK) Prix St. Georges 71.58 %
  • 18 Oct. 2008 1st pl. Odense (DK) Freestyle to Music 75.10 %
  • 26 Dec. 2008 1st pl. Mechelen Prix. St Georges 71.83 %
  • 27 Dec. 2008 1st pl. Mechelen Freestyle to Music 77.58 %
  • 08 Jan. 2009 1st pl. Zwolle Prix St. Georges 71.75 %
  • 09 Jan. 2009 1st pl. Zwolle Freestyle to Music 73.80 %

Description of Tango in 'In de Strengen' of Feb 6. 2003: 'Strikingly beautiful at the front Tango is, who trots with a lot of power. He always moves up with a remarkably good use of the foreleg. His ideally made forehand is even more pronounced in movement. The hind leg moves in the right direction and pushes the body beautifully upwards. Amor and Ghill Manor xx adorn Tango's pedigree, which goes back to the famous Avondrood'.

Official KWPN research report 2003:
Tango is a stallion with a balanced, reliable character. Tango has a lot of willingness to work and can be worked more than sufficiently. The walk is pure and has sufficient power. The trot is covering with much impulsion, good tact, and balance. The canter has sufficient scope and impulsion. Tango has more than sufficient to much talent as a dressage horse and gives his rider a good feeling. With this Tango became Rerserve Champion Dressage Horses of the Performance Test 2003.

Stable behaviour:
The stallion behaves normally in the stable and in handling.

Fam. Huub & Tiny van Helvoirt
Vliertwijksestraat 35
5243 RG Rosmalen
1.74 m
ARBEITGEBERIN, O 16 A ( Lenkeit Haassel), alt Trak. fam. nr. 0061
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KWPN Onderzoeksrapport:

Stap: 7.0
Draf: 9.0
Galop: 7.0
Aanleg als dressuurpaard: 8.0



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