Unfortunately, Totilas passed away much too early due to colic. Tuesday, December 15, 2020 was a sad day for dressage horse enthusiasts due to his passing.

The talented Totilas stallion Nordic Blue Hors has recently been KWPN approved. We have high expectations of this young stallion with a lot of power and talent for collection. He already made a big impression at the KWPN stallion selection in 2021 and we bought him together with Blue Hors. Nordic Blue Hors was bred by Sjef Janssen together with Stal de Beukenvallei. We think we have a real successor in the Totilas Dynasty with him.

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The highlight of this collection was the black col with 4 white socks 564 (mv. Jazz x Rubinstein x Exkurs xx), bred by Sjef Janssen together with Stal De Beukenvallei in Erp/Leende. A distinguished stallion who stood out for his leg technique, ability to switch gears and good canter. The dam is a half-sister of the ZT horse Athene B (Don Schufro) and Victoria B (Florestan I), who were resp. ZT and ZZL are classified.

Once again Totilas made a big impression at the KWPN stallion selection. 3 sons were selected for the performance test, of which Mansion, the Totilas x Krack C, bred by fam. van der Oord from Schoorl moved spectacularly with a great front leg. Mansion is owned by Gerard Koks from Warmenhuizen. Maclaren, the Totilas x De Niro of breeder Ralf Knauf and co-owner Ad Valk, was without a doubt one of the most beautiful stallions at the stallion selection.

Totilas' return to the KWPN stallion selection in Den Bosch caused quite a stir. The people of NOS Nieuwsuur were also there on Friday evening and made a report about the living legend. Journalists from the Brabants Dagblad, Omroep Brabant, and Radio 1 program Langs De Lijn also attended the KWPN stallion selection in Den Bosch last Friday. Brabants Dagblad published online (Top horse Totilas in the ring one more time, Den Bosch gives a standing ovation) and in the newspaper (Seducer first class die Totilas) about the performance of the 19-year-old stallion. Our former stallion Total U.S. with Edward Gal and Glock's Toto Jr. with Hans Peter Minderhoud, the Brabanthallen were shaken. This was great, the Black Magic Show with King Totilas.

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Just like ten years ago, at the 2009 KWPN Stallion Show, every place in the Brabanthallen was sold out on Friday evening. Then and now for Totilas. At the time, the KWPN had to put up signs along the road to send visitors back home and this time too, the return of Totilas to the Netherlands, ensured that the tickets for the Friday evening of the stallion inspection fast sold out. In the Black Magic Show, it was not so much the king himself who stole the show, but his son Glock's Total U.S. with Edward Gal.
Words are nice, but certain things you have to see. That is why we mainly have images of the Black Magic Show, in which the presentation of the seven-year-old Total U.S. with Edward Gal perhaps enraptured visitors even more than his magical father. Together with the eight-year-old Glock's Toto jr. ridden by Hans Peter Minderhoud. Total U.S., bred by Paul Schockemöhle, smashed with his talent. At the end of the show, the third Totilas son entered the ring: Governor, who just before won the VHO Trophy with Adelinde Cornelissen in the Brabanthallen. Finally, three Totilas grandsons also entered the ring: King Karim (by Glock's Toto Jr.) and the two Governor sons Kayne and Koning. show/black-magic-in-beeld-totilas-back-en-total-us-komen-er-aan/

I, Joop van Uytert, am proud that as a stallion owner I am at the base of this great spectacle. All this has been allowed to arise through the import of our top stallion Gribaldi. 10 years ago farewell with Gribaldi, Totilas, and Painted Black. Now the Black Magic Show with Totilas, Total U.S. and Glock's Toto Jr.

Totilas and his children are well on their way to giving dressage horse breeding a new dimension. Governor and Glock's Toto Jr. together, no less than 19 sons were selected for the 2nd viewing. Totilas' son, Total U.S., made a phenomenal impression during the stallion competition 2017/2018. Last summer Governorer became reserve world champion in the 6-year-old dressage horses.

At the 2017 KWPN stallion selection, all victories in the classes for 5- and 6-year-old dressage stallions were for Totilas' sons.

Totilas seems to be developing into a very interesting breeding stallion. He also seems to pass on the phenomenal attitude that he had himself. On average, his offspring have good outgrowth and show a very good balance under the saddle. Totilas seem to breed best with larger, long-lined mares.

Totilas, the living legend, who rose to unprecedented heights under Edward Gal. Totilas, world champion and world record holder, is the dressage horse that has given the dressage world a new dimension.

Totilas and Edward went from record to record in no time. He broke the world record three times, first in 2009 at the European Championships with 90.75% in the freestyle, then in Windsor with 92.3%, and finally at the CHIO Aachen 2010 Grand Prix Special with 86.45%. World Champion in Kentucky, European Champion in Windsor, World Cup winner in 2010 and twice Dutch Champion. With the Dutch team he also won the European Championship and World Championship. We are proud to be able to offer Totilas within our stallion database. 

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J.K. & A. Schuil - Visser
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